Perfumes reviews, is something I had never done before, and I’m not sure what I can tell about something that often is very subjective and sometimes personal. Experiencing a Perfume is something that can be drastically different from one person to another. Especially for a Perfume like Escentric Molecule 01.

Why I bought it

Every time I smelled it on one of my best friends (Ale Bema, you know I’m talking about you) I loved it but never dared to buy it. Probably because there is something about the packaging and the design of the bottle that I didn’t, and still, don’t like.
But, if you are a bit tempted, go for it. Because you are going to love it. It’s almost intoxicating, in a good way.

Escentric Molecules | Molecule 01 | La Maruga recommends
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Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01 Perfume

On my skin

It’s a very particular perfume, because, I was always able to smell it on my friend. I could also smell it in the perfume shop when I bought it. But then I couldn’t smell it on my self anymore once at home.
I took a break and then, like magic, now I can smell it again all the time.

How I use it

I love perfumes but this is probably my new favourite. It truly has superpowers. I love to experiment and one way to do this is by layering it with other perfumes. It can enhance or change a perfume in a very beautiful way. It seems that it helps any perfume to adapt to you and your skin.
Every time I smell it on my self, I just fall in love again, and I want to spray it more and more. It feels almost that it brings out the best of my skin.

The scent

Molecule 01 perfume, is tricky to describe. I agree with the general description of the scent: a modern cedarwood. But is not too strong. The creator Perfumer Geza Schoen describes this perfume as: “Iso E Super is one of those skin-sexy scents that makes you want to nestle into it. It’s comforting, cocooning. Is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura around the wearer.”
I agree with the word “aura” because that’s how I feel when I wear it. Is a perfume to use when you don’t want to “smell” like you have perfume but you still want to have something.


I’m so amazed by the chemistry behind Molecule 01 perfume, and how much a single molecule, like Iso E Super, can do. It is so inspiring that it made me want to dig deeper into the perfume world to know and learn more. I was told by this perfume expert that the pH balance of your skin, your hormone levels, and sometimes your diet too can affect how your body reacts when a perfume is applied. This means that if sometimes you cannot smell a perfume, those are the reasons. And my experience with Molecule 01, confirmed it. And this is something that will happen to you as well with this or other perfumes.

Online you can find the Molecule discovery set, and I think is the perfect way to try all those “molecules” of perfume.


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