Finally, I managed to write this Foreo UFO 2 review. After few weeks of thinking, during the Black Friday sales, I finally bought the new Foreo Ufo 2.

Here the YouTube video in Italian and English:

This device condenses a facial routine in 90 seconds or, as I did, few minutes.
Obviously, the device is waterproof, with a rechargeable battery, is portable and works with the Ufo activated masks.
Each treatment incorporates a combination of temperature and ultrasonic pulsations to maximise the effect of the mask. The thermotherapy (warm) is used to soften the skin and cryotherapy (cold) to lift the skin and firm.

Why did I decide to buy it?

The selling point for me was and still is the LED light therapy.
The two LED lights I used the most are the red and blue ones.
The red LED because: is anti-ageing, stimulates collagen production, is restorative, firm and lift the skin. And, based on some studies, is supposed to diminish fine lines.

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The blue LED is supposed to minimise skin imperfections, destroys acne bacteria, stabilise skin oil production and calms inflamed acne.
With Foreo Ufo two there is a choice of eight LED lights, all with specific properties and benefits. The before mentioned are the two that I constantly used and that I can speak of. 

The app

Back in November, I must say that I wasn’t amazed by the app. But recently they’ve released a new version, and this was a massive improvement. It is finally possible to use the UFO 2 with customised treatments settings. For example, you can pick your own lights, choose the length time of your treatment. You can pick the treatment length, with, for example, only the thermotherapy or the cryotherapy. Is also possible to switch them off altogether.  And the most important thing is that now is possible to pick your preferred LED colour for the customised treatment.

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Otherwise, once you’ve connected the device to the app via Bluetooth you can just start with the standard 90 seconds treatment based on the mask you picked. You can also choose to not use the app and just start the treatment with the only button on the device. I believe you can only go for two: Make my day and Call it a night.
The masks are sheet masks that are sold separately and packaged individually but there is one for you to try when you buy the device.

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Make my day, is probably my favourite. Is an anti-pollution and hydrating facial treatment with red algae and hyaluronic acid. Call it a Night, comes close as second. Is the night time mask, very nourishing and revitalising with olive oil and ginseng, this is a deeply nourishing face mask. These are my favourite two. Especially compared with the “Advanced collection” masks. None really impressed me so far… but I haven’t tried all of them, so let’s see.

My experience

The guided routines, I find, are very relaxing it feels like a mini spa session. I use the Foreo Ufo 2 maybe 5 days a week. What I usually do is, a couple of times a week I exfoliate my skin with a chemical peel first. Then I start with one or two guided routines and then I go with a personalised one. By the third round, I usually run out of battery mid-treatment. But I imagine that the use of energy for thermo and cryotherapy therapy plus pulsations must be very draining. Another not great thing is that I noticed the small ring that holds the little mask, seems to have lost the perfect round shape because it fits in a weird way now.

Does it work? 

In my case, I’d say yes.
I have combination skin, dry in some parts and oily and quite prone to breakout in others. The days when I use the Foreo UFO I see my skin very glowing, is less textured, the skin tone more even. Even the fine lines on my forehead are less visible and overall I feel that my skin is glowing!

I think that if you can spend this amount of money and if you can afford to keep buying these mini masks then you should buy them and you’ll see some nice improvements. In the pictures below you can see how glowy is my skin is with the use of the Foreo Ufo (click to expand the image).

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If you have good skin probably this is not going to be a game-changer. But, if you are quite lazy, Foreo Ufo could quite simplify your beauty routine. In fact, after cleansing, you could do just one or two 90-seconds mask rounds and you are, good to go, all moisturized.

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The last thing is, LED light therapy seems to have proven some benefits in terms of antiaging and in preventing acne breakouts. There is some science backing up these claims. This YouTube video from dermatologist Doctorly explains very well LED masks and LED light therapy benefits (and the science behind it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJeiG8r6CyM

I will post also a video review soon on my YouTube channel so stay tuned.

Want to see some swatches? Click here.

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